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Oral Exam


Stuck on what to talk about in your oral exam? Try one of these subjects.

  • Facebook and Twitter should only be used by adults. Discuss.
  • Schools put too much pressure on students to produce high exam results. Discuss.
  • Human cloning is the best way to advance medical science. Discuss
  • Having a part-time job harms students’ education and can prevent them from achieving their full potential. Discuss.
  • The law should do more to protect animals. Discuss.
  • All forms of gambling should be illegal. Discuss.
  • It should be compulsory for all young men to serve in the military. Discuss.
  • Working mothers disadvantage their children. Discuss.
  • Man is destroying the earth. Discuss.
  • More should be done to protect sharks worldwide. Discuss.
  • Children should be encourage to follow their dreams, not academic success. Discuss.
  • In the 21st Century children are too protected and therefore miss out on important life experiences. Discuss
  • Advertising images put too much pressure on teenage girls to conform to their beauty standards. Discuss.
  • Football is ‘just a game.’ Discuss.
  • Footballers should be allowed private lives and should not be criticized for their behaviour off the pitch. Discuss.
  • Footballers should give back more to society because of their high wages. Discuss.
  • Man is destroying animals natural habitat. Discuss.