Types of Reading Question Paper 1.


Question types:

1. Understand explicit text details.

2. Understand vocabulary.

3. Understanding vocabulary and appreciate implicit (hidden) suggestions in the writer’s choice of words.

4. Summarise relevant information.


(a) From paragraph 1, give two reasons why the writer wanted to visit the province in the Philippines. [2]

Question (a),requires understanding of explicit textual details.

(b): Explain, using your own words, what is meant by “truly enticing in the frigid winter” (line 8). [2]

Question (b) tests the candidates’ understanding of vocabulary contained in the passage.

(c) Why do you think the writer described the owner of the football pitch as a “vain” man (line23)?

(d ) Re-read paragraph 7, “Following a flat tyre…utterly dreamlike!” (lines 27-33). Choose three words or phrases which the writer uses to describe her enjoyment of this part of the journey. Explain how each of these words and phrases helps you to imagine this pleasure.

Responses to questions (c) and (d) require not only understanding of vocabulary but also an appreciation of the implicit (hidden) suggestions in the writer’s choice of words.

(e) Re-read paragraphs 3 and 4 (“Our descent…end of the day”) and then write a summary of what the writer found unpleasant and what she found enjoyable about the downhill journey. Write a paragraph of about 50-70 words. [7]

Question (e) tests the candidates’ ability to identify relevant points and use them to write a summary of a section of the passage.


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