Example of Editorial Writing


1) As you read, what are some of the persuasive techniques you can see being used in an editorial? List the types of techniques, some examples and to what extent the technique has been used.

  2) What type of tone is being used in an editorial?

3) What are some key differences you notice between an editorial, a magazine article and a speech? 

Government Has Lost the Plot on Film Import Tax

by: Jim’Santana

Cinema-goers in Indonesia will not have the pleasure of viewing top draw foreign films if the government’s decision to go ahead with imposing crippling import taxes on the distribution of such films in the country is not revoked.

The Motion Picture Association has previously said that it would stop bringing in new foreign films because of the new levy on imported film distribution, which came into effect in January. Distributors of imported films currently have to pay a 23.75 percent excise duty, a 10 percent tax to the central government and another 10-15 percent of the profit from ticket sales to regional governments. The new levy on distribution will be up to 23.75 percent.

No other country has similar levies on foreign films. Every year local cinemas screen 50 to 80 local titles and 100 to 150 foreign titles. If the government does not revoke this new policy, it will kill the cinema industry in Indonesia.

The new levy not only hurts businesses, it puts the livelihood of thousands of people in peril. Cinema companies directly employ more than 10,000 staff and provide income for thousands more who make a living selling food, drinks and other goods to movie fans.

“If no solution is found, Indonesian cinemas will close down one by one,” said Noorca Masardi, a spokesman for 21 Cineplex, which operates 500 screens across the country. The new levy is another example of a poorly thought-out policy that hurts business and jeopardizes jobs.

Worse still, the authorities have not been able to come up with sound reasons for imposing the crippling new levy. The public is thus left completely in the dark and cinema operators fretting over their future. Only those producers of pirated DVDs may be rejoicing at the prospect of a booming business.

Such uncertainty is not good for the industry and the country. Foreign films not only offer wholesome entertainment, they provide inspiration to local producers, actors and directors. If foreign films are no longer screened here, the entire industry risks being affected with untold jobs put at stake.

At a time when Indonesia is enjoying being in the global spotlight, such destructive policies also affect the image of the country. Instead of opening up to the world, we seem to be regressing. If the new levy is intended to protect the local film industry, the government is going about it completely in the wrong way. Even local industry figures are raising doubts about the effectiveness of such a move in helping the local film industry.

It is not too late for the government to reverse its policy and scrap the new import levy. As it has just been introduced, the damage is still not too severe. But if it does not, it will destroy the film industry, deprive Indonesians of the pleasure of watching world-class movies and, most importantly, do irreparable harm to its international image.

*Adapted from the Jakarta’Post


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