Advice From The Examiners Feedback Report- Narrative.


Here is advice we took from the composition feedback report we read in today’s revision session.

  • Carefully shape your narratives.
  • Carefully plan your characters and plot line, especially the climax
  • Make use of settings that are familiar to you.
  • Use the setting to build tension.
  • Skilfully handle plot revelations.
  • Don’t forget to reveal plot details.
  • Don’t forget a climax
  • Don’t include too many events.
  • Don’t include unconnected and far-fetched details
  • Don’t use too much dialogue.


  • Use lively and varied vocabulary.
  • Use a variety of sentence structures to create effects.
  • Stay in the past tense.
  • Be carefully with punctuation Use capital letters correctly.
  • Avoid common spelling errors.

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