Example of Travel Journal.


My adventure here is more than half over now, and that makes me rather sad. Of course I still have a lot to do before I go, but knowing that the time to leave is coming. I really don’t have the words to express my true affection for Japan. Yet, I know I’ll be back again someday, and I have a lot to get back to in Canada that won’t wait forever.

I’m on a free period, and I know everyone has been dying to hear more about Japan, so here goes…

My weekend was amazing. Saturday night after I posted, I met one of Okaa-san`s friends, Ken-san. We talked for a bit, and his energy was really refreshing. He was just so spirited.

Sunday morning, we headed off leisurely for Koya-san. While it is a mountain, the name Koya-san is usually used to refer to the alpine basin near the top of said mountain. We drove for a long time, but finally reached the gateway to said basin; we stopped to admire the view from the top. So high up, and the air was just amazing. Fresh and crisp, but not cold. Got a few photos of the view from the edge, and of Daimon, the giant gate guarding the Western entrance. Oh, so ornate! The colour was a rich vermillion, with carvings of birds and flowers, as well as two large stone warrior guardians. Simply beautiful.

Koya-san was a lovely little town. We parked the car and got out and walked. Stopped at a few temples along the way, and walked through an amazing cemetery. There were stone mausoleums, effigies, shrines everywhere, nestled amongst ancient, amazing trees. These trees were probably 10 feet around, some of them, and hundreds of feet tall. It was just so peaceful in the cemetery…again, I don’t have words to properly, adquately describe the place. Beautiful is the only one that doesn’t sound cheap.

At the end of the cemetery was a Buddhist retreat/temple. The only word I have for it is breathtaking. As soon as I set foot on the grounds, I felt a profound sense of being, the best I can describe it now was feeling everything at once. The energy of the place was amazing, and the smell of incense everywhere, along with the rhythmic chanting of monks.

I’m returning from Tokyo on Thursday night with Espe. Friday night, I’m departing again for Tokyo. We`re going to stay at the Disney Resort, and return on Sunday. Craziness. But it feels so wonderful, to be adored this much.


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