Guide to writing an informal letter.


When you are writing an informal letter or sending an email to a friend, it is very important for the examiners to try and make it sound friendly and chatty.

Add a few bits of personal chat, usually at the start of the letter, to make it seem genuine

Make sure main part of letter relates to task and that you use appropriate tone.

Don’t be bright and cheerful if writing to pass on bad news.

Do not use ‘text’ speech eg ” Hey Bobby! how r u?” or “I got a present 4 u”

Do not use slang e.g. ‘gonna’ or ‘cos’

Use contracted verb forms like we’ve, I’m, etc.

Use short sentences and active verb forms. Write the address and date on the right.

Useful Phrases

Dear ….Best wishes…;Yours faithfully…; I am sorry to inform you that…; I am very grateful for… Why don’t we… I will not be able to attend the…; Give my regards to…; I look forward to hearing from you…; Let me know as soon as… I’m really sorry I…We had a little bit of luck…

Some useful expressions to begin an informal letter

Thank you for your letter which I received yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised to hear from you. It was wonderful to hear from you after so long. Thank you for your letter. I was pleased to hear that you are in good health. It was really nice hearing from you. I am glad that you like your new school.

Some useful expressions to end an informal letter

I promise to write to you soon. I hope you will reply soon. Give my best wishes to your parents. I am looking forward to seeing you. I look forward to hearing from you.


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