Using Real Events To Inspire Your Narrative Compositions.


Lots of you are referring to real life events in your narrative compositions. This can be successful if done in a sensitive way.

One event you may want to use is the September 11th attacks on the Twin Towers in New York. You can find lots of memories of the day from different people here, a feature article about a survivor here and even an article about the rescue dogs that helped on the day here.

Using at least one of these sources as inspiration, plan and write a narrative response to one of the following composition question:

  • Write a story with the title ‘Attack.’
  • Write a story in which rescue is the central theme.
  • Write a story where the central theme is loss.
  • ‘The boy sprinted away from the crowds and headed towards the rubble.’ Use this sentence to start a story.
  • ‘When she turned on the television she couldn’t believe what she saw.’ Use this sentence to begin your story.
  • ‘As the looked among the debris they were surprised to hear a faint voice.’ Use this sentence somewhere in your story.
  • ‘At last I could see a dim light.’ Use this sentence to either begin or end a story.
  • Write a story in which the central character is desperately trying to contact someone.
  • You see a young boy crying on a street corner. Start the story with your interaction with the boy.
  • Write a story in which being late is central to the plot.

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