Feature/ Magazine Article Guide


Feature/ magazine articles.

These are creative texts that deal with real life events and issues.

The emphasis in these articles is on the people, ideas and views, not just facts.

Feature articles have a more personal tone than news reports and can include the writer’s opinion on a topic.

Often writer’s are passionate about the subject.

Portrays a slice of life or pushes a topic to make a bigger point.

Feature articles rely on interviews and give the opinions of different people as well as the facts.

Feature articles use secondary sources that support the writer’s view: interviews,anecdotes and statistics.

Feature articles do not always have a serious tone, unlike news reports.

Types of feature articles: human-interest, personality, news feature, how-to and past events.

Feature articles are timeless. They can be about something that happened a long time ago, or an ongoing issue.

Doesn’t rely on short sentences. Uses complex sentences and relative clauses.


Headlines. These should be catch but informative and in the present tense.

Byline.  The name of the writer.

Interesting lead.  Grabs attention.

Leads can be: narrative, descriptive, a startling statement, a twist or compare and contrast.

Billboard. What the story is about. (any of the who, what, where, when, how information that you have not covered in the lead.)

Sub-topics. Each paragraph tells a different part of the sentences. You should use transitional sentences to link paragraphs.

Memorable conclusion. Brings a sense of resolution. Summarise the article, express your opinion, leave the reader with something to think about.

Final sentence. A memorable quotation or statement that looks to the future.


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