Paper 3. Question 2. Examiners Tips.

  • Openings to compositions are important as they either engage the reader or they don’t, and this affects the examiner’s attitude from the beginning.
  • It is essential that you choose a question out of the six available which you understand and which suits your writing abilities, as students are rarely equally proficient in all three writing genres.
  • The three genres of question are marked differently for Content and Structure; They are marked according to the same mark scheme for Style and Accuracy. The style of expression of the three genres is very different, so you need to be aware of the characteristics of each.
  • Whichever type of essay you choose, it should be planned first. If after 5 mins you have only managed to collect a few ideas for your choice of title, switch to another one. The plan should contain between 6 to 10 points or ideas, which can be developed into paragraphs, if the essay is going to be of a suitable content and length. Aim for approx. 8 paragraphs and 400 words
  • Generally, maturity of content and expression is required for higher marks i.e. maturity for a 16 yr old.
  • This is the only part of the 0500 exam in which you can show off your range of personal vocabulary, so make good use of the opportunity.

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