Letter of Proposal. (Question 1 Paper 2 or Question 1 Paper 3)


Have you forgotten how to organise and structure a letter of proposal? Read this!


  • Introduce yourself (your name, any post/position, any group you are representing).
  • Read the task – not always necessary to introduce yourself, if you are writing to someone you know.
  • Acknowledge the task you have at hand (if the proposal is a solicited one) State the purpose of writing the letter


  • For each point: Highlight current reality – identify the problem or what is lacking in the given situation
  • State your proposed idea /suggestion/solution
  • Explain how your idea can help improve the situation, or state the benefits of your ideas.
  • Consolidate and persuade/assure at the end of each point.
  • Keep your writing formal and polite


  • Highlight the effort that went into preparing the proposal
  • Summarise your main argument
  • Show confidence that your proposal will achieve its intended purpose
  • Thank the reader for reading your ideas.

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